The training sessions are designed and carried out by a team of professional consultants who are experts on intercultural communication. Our one-to-one trainings for managers and employees and trainings for groups of employees of varying sizes are based on internationally renowned research studies and theories within the field of intercultural communication, psychology, management and anthropology.

In our various lectures, seminars and trainings we use pedagogical tools such as role-playing, reflection assignments, and intercultural games. We train employees how to map, understand, communicate and integrate cultural differences and similarities in their daily work and social life. Human Entrance´s trainings in intercultural communication give employees a profound understanding of different ways of working and thinking in different cultures.

The trainings are aimed at for example multi-cultural teams, groups of employees that work with one or several specific cultures, management teams working internationally, and group of trainees that will work internationally. Additionally, our trainings in intercultural communication are aimed at all employees who wish to increase their intercultural awareness and competence, as well as expatriates, inpatriates and repatriates who all face the process of meeting a new culture. In sum, intercultural communication trainings are aimed at managers and employees who are interested in and work in an international context. The trainings can also be designed to fit as a module on a management or leadership training programme. Ranging from one hour to several days Human Entrance´s trainings in intercultural communication can be held in-house at your office or at one of Human Entrance´s offices in Malmoe, Gothenburg or Stockholm.

The benefits of Intercultural Communication Training by Human Entrance for your organisation are:

  •  An improved communication within your organisation
  • A higher quality of interaction between employees
  • A better understanding between employees and managers of different cultural backgrounds
  • An improved communication across employees located in different countries
  • A higher success rate of your international assignments
  • A more pleasant multicultural work atmosphere



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