On-demand Global Business Insights

As a compliment to our face to face and web training solutions, we offer a web based training tool that gives you 24-7 access to information on how to interact and work successfully with other cultures.

Participants complete an online cultural assessment which generates an individual profile based on your preferred work style. This profile can be used to compare cultural tendencies with 100+ different countries. Colleagues in the same team can compare profiles and learn strategies to work effectively across cultural borders. Skills such as adapting communication styles and resolving conflicts can generate tangible results in terms of organisational success.

Key features:

  • Cultural Assessment profile – complete your profile to learn and identify your cultural preferences and how they affect your work. Compare your results with the average cultural profile from different countries and up to 6 colleagues.
  • Global Business Knowledge – access to in-depth cultural knowledge together with advice on bridging cultural gaps in everyday work-life situations. Information and resources are also available as downloadable flight packs.
  • Practical Examples for Skill Building – test your cultural knowledge and receive immediate feedback with suggested content to further build your skills.

Who will benefit

This cultural assessment tool is available in several languages and gives on-demand access to over 100 countries worldwide. It is suitable for employees who regularly work with partners and clients from different countries. This is a valuable tool for international teams, including virtual teams, to learn to collaborate successfully.

What you gain

  • Practical tools to successfully manage cultural differences at work
  • Improved knowledge about business culture in different countries

Increased effectiveness and success rate for intercultural team

How it works

Individual logins which are valid for one year.

Training programs

We recommend this tool be used as a complement to our face to face training sessions. It is also available for purchase separately.

We deliver our training programs worldwide. In addition to this training program we offer customized solutions to best meet the needs of your organization. All trainings are available face to face or online.

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