Learn to manage international teams

Leading teams of international employees requires a high level of intercultural competence. Challenges such as building trust and communicating feedback are often intensified when managing intercultural teams.

Improving intercultural competence helps leaders quickly adjust, enabling them to work at a high professional level with their employees. Managers of international teams can learn to adapt their personal leadership style to suit different situations. The training covers strategies for building relationships and establishing communication routines with international employees.

Our interactive methodology combines intercultural research theory, real-life examples, participative exercises and practical advice for moving forward.

During the training participants are encouraged to reflect on their own leadership style while gaining an in-depth understanding of other cultural preferences. Managers learn how to successfully manage differences in order to be able to successfully lead an intercultural team. The training includes:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Country specific information
  • Perceptions and expectations of leadership
  • Cultural values relating to trust, power, time and motivation
  • Establishing communication routines and giving feedback
  • Leadership across cultures
  • Intercultural competence

Who will benefit

This training is suited to managers, team leaders and project managers leading intercultural teams or international projects. It is also beneficial to those taking on a managerial role in a new country.

What you gain

  • Practical tools to successfully lead people with different cultural backgrounds
  • Improved communication skills and strengthened relationships.
  • Increased effectiveness and success rate for intercultural teams

Our training programs

We deliver our training programs worldwide. In addition to this training program we offer customized solutions to best meet the needs of your organization. The scope and content of our trainings can be tailored to suit groups as well as individuals and couples. All trainings are available face to face or online.

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