Recruit and retain foreign talent

Recruiting and supporting employees from different cultures involves a range of challenges as well as opportunities. Our training Recruiting across Cultures provides you with intercultural competence to help you successfully recruit, support and retain international employees.

Intercultural competence training increases awareness of different cultural behaviours and how these affect international employees. Cultural values can give an insight into the expectations and motivations of employees from other cultures.  Recruiters learn how to adapt communication styles, resolve conflicts and help their employees reach their potential in a new environment.

During the training participants gain an in-depth understanding of other cultures and learn how to successfully manage cultural differences. The training includes:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • The impact of culture of behavior
  • Country specific information
  • Cultural values relating to trust, power, time and motivation
  • Communication skills and social codes
  • De-escalating and resolving conflicts
  • International business culture
  • Intercultural competence

Who will benefit
This training will suit those working with recruiting and supporting international employees in areas such as HR, Global Mobility, Compensation and Benefits and Training and Development.

What you gain

  • Practical tools to successfully recruit, support and retain employees with different cultural backgrounds.
  • Improved communication and strengthened relationships within the organization
  • Increased effectiveness and return on investment for international employees

Our training programs

Our interactive methodology combines intercultural research theory, real-life examples, participative exercises and practical advice for moving forward.

We deliver our training programs worldwide. In addition to this training program we offer customized solutions to best meet the needs of your organization. The scope and content of our trainings can be tailored to suit groups as well as individuals and couples.

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