Intercultural compentency when moving abroad

Relocating to a new country entails a wide spectrum of both opportunities and challenges for the employee, their family and the organisation. Our training Relocating across Cultures provides participants with the necessary intercultural competence to integrate successfully into a new culture.

Intercultural competence helps employees quickly adjust to differences enabling them to work at a high professional level in a new country. Participants learn how to adapt communication styles, work cohesively in a new team and resolve conflicts to generate tangible results in terms of organisational success.

During the training participants will be gain an in-depth understanding of other cultures and learn how to successfully manage cultural differences. The training includes:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Country specific information
  • Cultural values relating to trust, power, time and motivation
  • Communication skills and social codes
  • Business culture
  • Intercultural competence

Who will benefit

This training will suit employees and accompanying partners moving to a new country. This training can also be adjusted to support returning expatriates.

What you gain

  • Practical tools to successfully manage cultural differences at work
  • A smoother relocation process and better adjustment to the new country
  • Increased effectiveness and return on investment

Training programs

We deliver our training programs worldwide. In addition to this training program we offer customized solutions to best meet the needs of your organization. The scope and content of our trainings can be tailored to suit groups as well as individuals and couples. All trainings are available face to face or online.

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