Learn to work successfully with Swedes

Swedes are known for their many meetings, long decision-making processes and their never ending strive towards consensus. Understanding what is behind these behaviours will take you a long way when working with Swedes.

Misunderstandings may result in conflicts, poor employee satisfaction, weak engagement, delayed projects, lack of innovation and in turn – impact bottom line results. Knowing some of the hidden characteristics of Swedish business culture is vital for success when working with Swedes. New cultural insights support employees in social situations, positively impacting retention rates.

During the training participants will be gain an in-depth understanding of other cultures and learn how to successfully manage cultural differences. The training includes:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Swedish cultural identity and business culture
  • Swedish values and social codes
  • Communicating and negotiating with Swedes
  • Finding similarities and overcoming differences
  • Intercultural adjustment and competence


Who will benefit

This training will give employees and researchers who will be working with Swedes a glimpse into the Swedish mentality. This training will also benefit those who are planning to move to Sweden.

What you gain

  • Understanding of Swedish culture in a business context
  • Practical tools to successfully work with Swedes
  • Increased effectiveness and success rate for intercultural teams

Our training programs

This training is an interactive web-based training. For a more in-depth look at Swedish business culture, we can arrange a face to face session.

In addition to this training program we offer customized solutions to best meet the needs of your organization. The scope and content of our trainings can be tailored to suit groups as well as individuals and couples.

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