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Live Web-training: Working with Swedes

Working with Swedes - Web training 3 January 2020

Understand the Swedish mentality and their way of working


Swedes are known for their many meetings, hands-off and non-hierarchical leadership style, long decision-making processes and their never-ending strive towards consensus. Understanding the Swedish social codes will go a long way towards working efficiently with Swedes.

Our intercultural training portfolio offers Working with Swedes, a live web-based training which explores the Swedish approach to business and leadership. In the context of history, politics, traditions and societal structure; Swedish values and mentality are examined and explained. Getting insights into the daily work-life culture of Swedish people is vital for success at the workplace. If ignored, cultural misunderstandings may result in poor employee satisfaction, weak engagement, lack of innovation, and in turn – impact bottom line results.

This interactive web-based training is suitable for anyone new or familiar to working with Swedes. Join to gain a better understanding of the Swedish workplace culture if you’re new to the country, if you wish to improve collaboration with your Swedish counterparts, or if you are a Swede who wishes to understand how common workplace behaviors are perceived in an international context.


By the end of this training program, participants will have gained:

  • An understanding of Swedish culture in a business context
  • Knowledge about the expectations of your Swedish managers and colleagues
  • Guidelines for communicating, negotiating, and resolving conflicts with Swedes
  • Practical skills to working effectively with Swedes
  • Strategies for managing cultural differences in personal and professional situations


Should you have any questions on Human Entrance’s Intercultural Competence portfolio or on this training program, please contact Maja Brogi, our Program Manager, Intercultural Communication and Language Training at


Date: Thursday, 6 February 2020

Time: 10am – 12pm CET

Price: 1500 SEK per participant

Click here to book your virtual seat (form closes on 5 February 2020, 12pm CET)



  • This training program is open for individual registration.
  • Invoices will be addressed to the registered participant’s company after the training session.
  • If a cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to the training, Human Entrance will charge the participant 25% of the total fee for services ordered. For cancellations made less than 48 hours before the training, Human Entrance will charge 50% of the total fee for services ordered, and for no-shows, Human Entrance reserves the right to charge 100% of the total fee for the services ordered.