Effective Global Mobility Program


If your organisation is pursuing growth in new markets, having the right people on the ground is essential. Are you just starting to send employees abroad or do you see mobility of employees as an integrated and important part of your talent management program?


Human Entrance is a global mobility and relocation services agency offering assistance in preparing and reviewing your mobility policies along with cost projections and data sourcing. Some of our most common questions are: Is my employee allowed to work abroad? What happens if my employee gets sick during the assignment? How do I consider my employee for merit increases, bonuses? Which service providers exist to support the move? We can support you with best practice benchmark and answers to all of these questions.

Mobility Program Management


We have in-depth experience in managing our international clients’ expectations and proactively develop guidelines that will ensure a successful global mobility program. We support you in developing processes to make sure that you use best practice. We assist in evaluating the performance of different parties in the mobility program and implement changes where needed. In addition, our clients rely on our knowledge and experience to help them benchmark, design and implement their global mobility policies.


Together with our clients we strive to build a solid and cost effective mobility program that will enhance the experience of your moving employees.


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Global Mobility Assistance

  • Global Mobility Program Management
  • Cost projections and data sourcing
  • Policy and process advisory
  • Move Management
  • Vendor sourcing