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In today’s globalised business culture, learning how to work effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds is essential. Research frequently shows that intercultural competence contributes to breaking down barriers, strengthening relationships, improving decision making skills and stimulating innovative thinking.

In any team, communication skills strongly correlate to project success and team output.  When mixing team members of different cultures, communication becomes ever more complex, and relies heavily on the level of intercultural competence. Bottom line results shouldn’t be jeopardized by marginalizing the importance of cultural skills. Intercultural competence is fundamental to uphold employee satisfaction, maintain retention rates, and improve financial results. Learn more about our intercultural training programs today.

Tailor-made Intercultural Training Programs

Are you working with international teams? Relocating staff to China, India, or elsewhere? Looking to raise the level of intercultural competence and awareness in your organisation to further maximize team efficiency? Human Entrance’s intercultural competence training programs are tailored to suit your business needs and preferences.

All our intercultural training programs include a pre-training analysis and a post-program evaluation. Our interactive methodology combines intercultural research theory, real-life examples, workshops and practical advice for moving forward.

Our intercultural trainers are experienced in working with organisational change, corporate mergers, international business culture, leadership and coaching. All our trainers have personal experience of working in international teams and relocating across cultures, ensuring a high-quality training that goes beyond the basics. We have trainers and specialists on the ground worldwide and can provide face-to-face trainings or online programs.

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Human Entrance

Intercultural Training Available Worldwide

Our training programs:

Intercultural Communication Training: Relocating Across Cultures | Human Entrance | Prepare and move successfully

Relocating across Cultures

Relocating across Cultures will give you the necessary intercultural competence to move successfully to a new country. Our intercultural experts help employees understand business culture norms enabling them to quickly adjust to a new environment. This training suits employees and accompanying families moving to a new country or returning home.

Intercultural Communication Training: Working Across Cultures | Human Entrance | Work in intercultural environments successfully

Working across Cultures

Working across Cultures will equip you with intercultural competence that enables you to work effectively across cultural borders. With a focus on communication and increasing productivity, this training is suitable for international teams or as preparation before starting a project in a new country. It will also suit employees who work in intercultural environments or organisations with international customers and suppliers.

Intercultural Communication Training: Leading Across Cultures | Human Entrance | Lead international Teams Successfully

Leading across Cultures

Leading across Cultures will provide you with intercultural competence that enables you to create and lead intercultural teams successfully. This training will suit Managers, Team Leaders and Project Managers leading intercultural teams or international projects. It also benefits those taking on a managerial role in a new country.

Intercultural Communication Training: Recruiting Across Cultures | Human Entrance | Recruit, support, and retain international employees successfully

Recruiting across Cultures

Recruiting across Cultures will help you recruit, support and retain international employees. This training is best suited to those working with recruiting and supporting employees in areas such as Human Resources, Global Mobility, Compensation & Benefits and Training & Development.

Intercultural Communication Training: Working with Swedes | Human Entrance | Understand the Swedish workplace better

Working with Swedes

Working with Swedes will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the Swedish mentality and their way of working. This interactive online training focuses on the hidden characteristics of Swedish business culture and is ideal for anyone working in Sweden or with Swedish colleagues. The training is held via video meeting with an intercultural expert.

Intercultural Communication Online Training: Connected Across Cultures | Human Entrance | Intercultural Communication Training

Connected across Cultures

Connect across Cultures will give you 24-7 access to information on how to interact and work successfully with other cultures. This web-based program is an ideal complement to our face to face trainings. It offers in-depth guidance on business styles for over 90 countries and a possibility to interact, share and tap into knowledge with peers and subject matter experts.