Relocating employees worldwide in a successful way isn’t something that happens without investing time and effort. We know, because we have supported internationally active companies with employee relocation, every day, for 20 years. Our focus however is to save time, effort and reduce costs for you.


There are many things to consider where employee relocation is concerned. Our advice is to plan ahead. Is this a one-time event or will you be relocating more employees? Maybe you need new policies and standards, maybe you need help with cost calculations. Involving a global mobility service provider is a wise thing to do. We know what is important for you and the transferee, and we can help create a successful mobility program and manage the expectations.

Successfully Relocating Employees


Our online tracking tool Movenet, based on ReloAssist, offers secure storage of your employees’ sensitive data, through an ISO27001 certified information security management system. Movenet contains useful relocation information and resources, in addition to 24-hour service updates on your employees’ relocation process status.


The extent of the relocation service package that your employees receive can vary depending on country and your company policy, ranging from a self- help service to full management of the entire process. Regardless of level, our goal is the same, making the relocation process as smooth and efficient as possible for you and your employees in accordance with your requirements.


Relocating employees to a new country is a significant investment for a company, as well as a big adventure for the relocating individual. We know that relocation and a global move might generate a lot of questions. We have gathered the most common questions in our FAQ section.


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Customised relocation packages

  • Immigration Services; Work and Residence Permits
  • Pre-arrival orientation tour
  • Home Search Services
  • Move in Services
  • Local Registration
  • School and Day Care search
  • Civil Registration
  • Bank Services
  • Local Orientation
  • Spouse / Partner support
  • Intercultural Competence Training
  • Tenancy Management Services
  • Cost Calculation
  • Tax Consulting
  • Removal Services