Information about our process

Human Entrance is not a rental agency. We coordinate homes for our clients’ relocating employees therefore we cannot guarantee that your home will be rented out to one of our clients, but we will try our best. Your property will not be publicly posted, but the information is for our internal use only. Please note that you cannot make changes to the information after you have sent it.

If you do not hear from us after you have submitted your property, it means we have not found a relevant tenant. If we have an interested party, you will hear from us.

Please provide the requested information in the rental form and send us pictures or a floor plan. Our Housing Team will create a presentation and share it with clients with preferences that match your home.

We always ask for feedback within 24 hours from our clients. If they are interested and want to know more about your home, we will contact you to schedule a viewing. Human Entrance has field consultants who can accompany the client to the viewing during business hours.

Should you not be available for a viewing Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 – 17:00, then you may also conduct the viewing directly with the client. Sometimes it doesn’t work out to send a field consultant based on availability, even during business hours.

We also offer video viewing as an option as some of our clients have not yet arrived in Sweden.

After the viewing, the client will inform us whether they want to proceed with the home or not. We will contact you as soon as we can after we receive the decision. If the client wants to rent the home, it is your choice to choose them as a tenant, or not.

Once all parties have agreed on the terms, we will write the contract according to Swedish Rental Laws. The contract is written in both Swedish and English, signing is done digitally.

Some clients also have a Move In Inspection Report included in their package. If this is the case, a Human Entrance Move Counselor will contact you to arrange it.

How much can I charge for rent?

Depending on the type of accommodation, there may be laws and regulations that govern how much you can charge for rent. We recommend that you suggest a rent you think matches the home. We will suggest a price that is inline with market values if we think the rent is not suitable. You are also entitled to higher rent if renting our fully furnished to cover possible wear and tear on the furniture.

For how long can I rent out my home?

If you are renting out a house or own the apartment, you can choose the length of the contract. If you rent our an apartment that is a condominium or tenancy, you will need approval from the Housing Association of your building. They will decide if you are allowed to rent out your apartment and for how long. Usually it’s 1 year at a time and there is a maximum amount of years you can rent out.

Can I rent out a room in my house or apartment?

We do not accept room rentals and it’s not something we recommend to our clients. The property must have it’s own entrance, bathroom and kitchen.

Do you charge a fee for your service?

Our service is free to rent out your apartment.

Do you assist with payment of deposit or invoicing?

Human Entrance is not associated with any kind of payments. We make sure that there is payment information in the contract so that the tenant can easily pay directly to the landlord.

How quickly can I get my home rented out?

It depends on the property. The process from submitting the Rental Form to writing a contract takes at least a week. However, if we do not have any clients currently searching for something that matches your property, it will take longer.

How many potential tenants will I have to choose from?

We cannot guarantee that we will have any tenants that match your home. Depending on location and rent, we can usually present the home to at least one person, and possibly up to 7. You have the right to meet or have a conversation with all potential tenants and choose if you want to go with a “first come, first served” approach or if you want to select the tenant you best connect with.

How much information will I receive about a potential tenant before a viewing?

We can share workplace, family size, pets and their nationality. We recommend you ask the tenant the remaining questions so you get to know them personally at the viewing.

Do I have to hold the viewings myself?

We are happy to send our Field Consultants to assist with the viewing. They are available in all major cities and have extensive experience in the field. However, sometimes the timing doesn’t work out. We will always ensure that you feel comfortable handling the viewing yourself and provide all the information needed to carry out a viewing.

What is a reasonable security deposit?

A normal deposit is 1 month’s rent. However, some people will take 2-3 months if the tenant does not have a credit history in Sweden. Keep in mind, a higher deposit might mean less potential tenants as not everyone has the opportunity to make such a large payment at once.

Do you perform credit or security checks?

We do not perform these types of checks. But all our clients have valid work contracts in Sweden and make a stable income according to Union Standards. You have the right to ask for a certificate of employment and/or a reference from their company.

Must utilities be included / Can they use my subscriptions?

For houses, utilities are usually not included and the tenant must set up their own subscriptions. For apartments, heating and water are usually included in the rent with electricity and internet added on top. But you can decide what you want to include.

Tenants usually appreciate if internet is also included as it can take several weeks/months for a personal number to get set up. In that case, the client may not have access to an internet subscription for some time. We will always provide some general information to the client on how they can set up their subscriptions, however if you already have a provider set up, it is great if you can share this specific information.

What is the difference between fully furnished, partially furnished and unfurnished?

Fully furnished: Everything is available in the property- all kitchen appliances, sofa, table, bed, etc.

Partially furnished: May include some pieces of large furniture and all kitchen appliances.

Unfurnished: No removable furniture available, but still all kitchen appliances such as fridge, freezer, stove and oven, installed cupboards, and all bathroom fixings.

You are open to rent out the property furnished or unfurnished. You are not required to provide bedding, towels or other cloth pieces. If you are renting out furnished, we recommend you make an inventory of all furniture and have the tenant sign off at the Move In Inspection.

Do your customers prefer furnished or unfurnished?

It differs depending on the city and company. Many who are just arriving in Sweden prefer furnished. Some have also chosen to bring their own furniture and therefore, need unfurnished. If you have the opportunity to let the interested party choose whether it should be furnished or not, it is a fantastic option to reach out to more people.

I want to wait to post a rental price to see who’s interested first.

We need a rental price to be able to match the home with our customers. We recommend that you set a price you like and we will note you are open to discussion. We do not support bidding.

I prefer to use Blocket’s contract- is that ok?

Blocket’s contract is safe and legal and we are happy to read it before signing to ensure that everything is correct. Blocket’s contract is not always possible to get an English copy and also requires a Bank ID for signing, which not all of our customers have access to in time for signing. We are happy to write a contract based on our own template which provides both a Swedish and English copy and is signed digitally with an email address instead.

I want a phone contact, who can I call?

The Housing Team has telephone hours from 14-15 every Tuesday and Thursday. Call the Human Entrance switchboard 010-708 11 00 and you will be connected. When you send us an email you can also ask for a call.

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