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Diversity is our passion

In a time of growing internationalisation intercultural competence and communication skills becomes increasingly important. Understanding and appreciating cultural differences as well as learning how to work effectively with colleagues of different cultural background contributes to breaking down barriers, strengthens relationships and lead to innovative ways of thinking.

Are you relocating to a new country, leading an international team, or just want to raise the level of intercultural competence and awareness in your organisation? We have the intercultural competence training solution for you.

Intercultural Competence is on Everybody’s Mind

We offer intercultural competence training programs tailored to your business needs. All our training solutions include a pre-training analysis and a post-program evaluation. Our training methodology is participative and interactive. During our training we mix intercultural research theory with real-life examples, exercises and practical advice.

Our intercultural trainers are experienced in working with organisational change, corporate mergers, business culture, leadership and coaching. All our trainers have personal experience of meeting and relocating across cultures, giving them an in-depth understanding for the training participants.

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Human Entrance


Our training programs:

Relocating across Cultures

Relocating across Cultures will give you the necessary intercultural competence to move successfully to a new country. This training suits employees and accompanying families moving to a new country or returning home.

Working across Cultures

Working across Cultures will equip you with intercultural competence that enables you to work effectively across cultural borders. This training will suit employees who work in intercultural environments, organisations with international customers and suppliers as well as global mobility personnel. This training is also very suitable for intercultural teams or as preparation before starting a project in a new country.

Leading across Cultures

Leading across Cultures will provide you with intercultural competence that enables you to create and lead intercultural teams successfully. This training will suit Managers, Team Leaders and Project Managers leading intercultural teams or international projects. It also benefits those taking on a managerial role in a new country.

Recruiting across Cultures

Recruiting across Cultures provides you with intercultural competence to help you recruit, support and retain international employees successfully. This training will suit those working with recruiting and supporting employees in areas such as Human Resources, Global Mobility, Compensation & Benefits and Training & Development.

Working with Swedes

This intercultural training is for anyone who works with Swedes and wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Swedish mentality and their way of working. The training is held through online video meeting with an intercultural expert.

Connected across Cultures

As a complement to our intercultural face to face and web training solutions we offer a web based training tool that gives you 24 – 7 ready access to information on how to interact and work successfully with other cultures. The tool offers in-depth guidance on business styles for over 90 countries and a possibility to interact, share and tap into knowledge with peers and subject matter experts.