Will you assist with a Move in Inspection?

Many corporate clients pay for Human Entrance to be present at the Move in Inspection. We ensure that a proper inspection report is made and shared with both parties to prevent disputes on damages upon moving out. Please note that not all corporate clients will pay for our assistance with a Move in Inspection. In the case that it is not ordered, you will conduct the inspection directly with the tenant.

How long is a typical lease contract?

We typically require lease contracts for at least one year, usually with a possibility to extend. If your property is available for a shorter period of time, it is most likely we will not contact you as our clients are seeking long-term rentals. An exception can be for corporate apartments that can be rented out as a temporary solution to individuals who have just arrived and need a place to crash for a month or two. This option would require a 2-week or less notice period and the ability to send direct invoices to corporate clients.

Who writes the lease contract?

Should one of our clients be interested in renting your property, Human Entrance can write the lease contract at no extra cost to you. This is covered as part of our home search service which is paid for by the corporate client. All our lease contracts are written according to Swedish Rental Law. If you are a new landlord and unsure of the legalities surrounding renting out your property, we will guide you on the legal terms required for the contract.

Who signs the lease contract?

Depending on the package the corporate client has ordered, there can be three different options:
1. The tenant signs directly with you
2. The company signs the lease agreement with you
3. Human Entrance signs the lease agreement with you It is most common that a private signing with the tenant will happen, but some client’s do pay for corporate signing.

Please be sure to specify if your property is corporate housing only, or if you are also open to private signings. Please note that in the case that you only accept corporate signings, we may not contact you at all. Only a few corporate clients agree to sign the lease contracts and take the invoices. Corporate signings create a lot of internal accounting and many companies do not have the resources to spend. Private signings are more common. If you are open to private signings, we will have a higher chance of matching your property with a suitable tenant.

Do I need a license to rent out my property?

You do not need a special license to rent out your property. If you are living in an apartment, you will need permission from the board of directors in your building. This process can vary based on your specific building- some buildings require you to submit information on a chosen tenant before they will approve you to rent, so please keep this in mind when submitting your property to us.