Upgrade Your Mobility Process With our Best in Class Tracking System- Movenet Apro

Tired of tracking moves through spreadsheets and file folders? Harness the power of information into the hands of your global employees with Movenet Apro!

Movenet Apro is a comprehensive global mobility platform that manages and tracks every type of move, including long and short-term assignments, permanent transfers, commuters and project workers. Built by a team with a passion for global mobility, our ISO27001 certified information security management system provides an integrated, end-to-end functionality, and ease-of-use system that is unmatched in the industry.

Start-to-Finish Mobility Management

Movenet Apro offers real-time visibility, streamlined processes and a more personalized experience for all stakeholders. Consolidate and share data to facilitate smooth communication and management of your moving employees. With a single point of access for all areas of global mobility: HR, finance, talent, and more, ordering services and getting updates could not be easier.

Connect your employee to the heart of their move. Empower them to take control of their relocation through our intuitive and easy-to-use portal. Accessible via a mobile phone, our app provides all the information a global employee needs.

The Features:
– Consumer-grade Experience: Timelines, task lists, and notifications keep employees in the know.
– Self-service tools and reporting: Real-time dashboards and visualizations for data analytics provide enhanced clarity for mobility teams and across the entire organization.
– Workflow Automation: Reduce manual tasks and realize cost savings while giving team members more time for high-value activities that fulfill the organization’s goals.
– One Platform: A single platform for global compensation and payroll review processes, saving time and ensuring accuracy by utilizing automated, streamlined technology solutions.

Global mobility fuels your organization’s growth and helps attract and retain top talent. The key to successful international recruitment is information, communication, and managed expectations.

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