Work Permit History Assessment

Explore our tailored advisory service designed to seamlessly align your organisation’s talent acquisition strategy with immigration compliance. Our Work Permit History Assessment, a meticulously crafted collaboration between our experts and your HR/mobility team, empowers you to confidently evaluate potential candidates already on a work permit.

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Seamless Talent Integration

Our Work Permit History Assessment is a prepackaged advisory between on of our experts and your HR/mobility team. It is a smart option to consider when your organisation wants to validate a potential candidate, who is already in Sweden based on a work permit. We will collect necessary documents and details to identify any deficiencies regarding employment terms or compliance. This way you can rest assured that you hire a candidate whose work permit will be extendable without hassles, and minimize any risks to their long term addition to your business.

Our experts meticulously scrutinize the candidate’s employment terms and compliance to identify any potential deficiencies. This thorough validation ensures that you make informed decisions about candidates poised for success in your organization.

Rest easy knowing that the candidates you choose come with work permits that are extendable without hassles. Our assessment minimizes the risk of unforeseen challenges, allowing you to focus on building a long-term relationship with your valuable additions.

Human Entrance will handle the collection of all necessary documents and details, streamlining the process for your HR/mobility team. This efficient approach saves time and resources, enabling you to prioritize what matters most – the seamless integration of top talent into your business.

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