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Streamline your relocation experience with our tailored immigration support and guidance, ensuring legal residency, compliance and work authorization in the new destination. Let us simplify the intricacies of the immigration journey for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Human Entrance, our process is designed to ensure a seamless and compliant issuance of work permits for employees and their families, fostering a stress-free relocation experience. We operate under a Client Service Manager (CSM) model, where each client is assigned a dedicated CSM to serve as a consistent point of contact throughout the entire process.

Our case handlers work with precision, following a stringent 4-eye principle, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every step. Communication is a cornerstone of our service – you can expect continuous updates and support from your designated CSM, providing clarity and transparency throughout the process.

The ease of our process extends to the digital realm, with the submission of documents streamlined through our secure system. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures the confidentiality and security of your information.

Understanding that regulatory landscapes vary, our decision letters are tailored to the specific requirements of each country. Rest assured, we keep you well-informed, providing clear expectations regarding the process and timelines. Our commitment to compliance extends to adhering to national regulations, guaranteeing that your relocation aligns seamlessly with legal requirements.

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We always advise our clients to involve us early in the recruitment to make sure that the visa and immigration process does not become time-consuming and complicated. This way we can ensure that your assignment can start as planned.

Wait times are based on the different types of permits and countries. The wait times differ in each Nordic country, but overall are quite short for highly qualified work permits. By using Human Entrance, you can expect shorter wait times than submitting the permit on your own as we will only submit complete and correct applications. 

Our fees are done on a case-by-case basis. We also offer package solutions for clients with higher volumes or bundled services.


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Paving the Way for Smooth Work Permit Applications

Mitigate potential risks associated with work permit applications by relying on our expertise. Our immigration team identifies and addresses challenges preemptively, reducing the likelihood of complications during the application process.

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