Our Commitment to Secure Practices

We prioritize the utmost security and ethical practices when it comes to handling your data. In an era where privacy is paramount, we understand the significance of safeguarding your information. This page is a testament to our commitment to secure practices, providing you with insights into how we handle, protect, and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. 

Our Commitment to Protection and Compliance

Experience peace of mind knowing that at Human Entrance, your data is not just secure; it’s treated with the utmost care and in strict accordance with the prevailing data protection laws.

Our communication networks, business support systems, and computers operate with high availability, minimizing interference with their intended function.

Information transmitted, stored, or processed in our networks and systems is shielded against accidental, unauthorized, or unlawful alteration, destruction, access, or copying.

Our communication networks, business support systems, and computers are fortified against intrusion, unauthorized use, theft, vandalism, and malfunction.

We diligently adhere to current data legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that your data is handled with the highest standards of security and compliance.

Our Pledge to Data Security

We prioritize the protection of your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our practices involve collecting, processing, and storing data in a lawful, limited manner, with utmost consideration for and honoring the rights of data subjects. These rights encompass control over their data, access, rectification, erasure, restricted processing, portability, and the right to object.

Every member of our team operates under a confidentiality agreement, reinforcing our commitment to data security. Additionally, a dedicated non-disclosure paragraph is integral to every employment contract, underscoring our dedication to preserving the confidentiality of your information.

We empower our employees to play an active role in maintaining the security of your data. From the onset of their employment, each team member takes on the responsibility of safely using the IT equipment provided, including laptops, mobile phones, and other devices. This proactive approach involves taking all reasonable steps and actions to shield these devices from potential threats such as viruses, unauthorized access, and other attacks on system security and integrity.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we diligently create, retain, and dispose of company records in compliance with all Human Entrance policies, guidelines, and regulatory/legal requirements. Corporate records are maintained to be true, accurate, and complete, with data promptly and accurately entered in our books following applicable accounting principles. We emphasize the importance of not improperly influencing, manipulating, or misleading any unauthorized audit and ensuring non-interference with auditors engaged for internal independent audits of Human Entrance books, records, processes, or internal controls.

Handling Personal Data with Care

When it comes to the collection, processing, and storage of personal data, your privacy is our priority. Personal data, which includes information identifying you, is treated with utmost consideration throughout our services.

We may gather personal data to effectively execute and manage services on behalf of your employer. This information can be provided through email, order forms, or our digital service platform. Additionally, personal data from our business partners, essential for service fulfillment within our commercial relationships, may also be collected.

Our legitimate interest in processing personal data is to enhance services, analyze activities, communicate effectively, and provide relevant information. Your privacy matters, and we offer you the opportunity to object to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes at any time. Contact us for more information.

  • Contact Details: Name, address, email address, telephone number, and demographic information.

  • Sensitive Information: Pertinent details such as information about children and original documents like passports or ID documents.

  • Technical Data: Information about your device or internet connection, including IP address, cookies, electronic images, and similar technologies for tracking, as well as geographic location and login details.

  • User-Generated Information: Content voluntarily registered or published by you.

The processing of personal data aligns with the specific purpose within your relationship with us, whether you are a customer, supplier, job seeker, partner, or representing a state/authority/institution. We ensure high-security measures and confidentiality based on the risk and sensitivity of the data.

Service Delivery

Primarily, we process personal data to perform and administer relocation services. This involves fulfilling contractual obligations and utilizing contact information for reporting and invoicing purposes.

Marketing Purposes

Data about you may be used for general and customer-specific news, marketing related to our services, and informing you about our activities. If you’re a consumer without an active customer relationship, we seek consent for electronic direct marketing.

Storage and Your rights

At Human Entrance, we prioritize the responsible handling of your personal data. We ensure that your data is not retained longer than necessary, considering the purpose of collection or legal requirements. Personal data submitted by you is securely destroyed or de-identified when no longer needed for the specified purpose, with timeframes determined by the type of service provided.

For detailed information on data retention, refer to the consent statement applicable to each service. Please be aware that certain data retention may be required to fulfill legal obligations or business needs.

We respect and uphold your rights under the GDPR, and you can reach out to us to exercise any of the following:

  1. Right of Information: Request details on the data we have stored related to you.
  2. Right of Access: Obtain a copy of your processed personal data.
  3. Right to Rectification: Request updates or corrections to your personal data.
  4. Right to Erasure: Seek deletion of data you’ve shared; withdraw consent if applicable.
  5. Right to Restrict Processing: Ask for limitations on how we process your data.
  6. Right to Data Portability: Request your data in a structured, machine-readable format for transfer.
  7. Right to Object: Object to processing, including automated decision-making, based on a balance of interests. You can also object to direct marketing.

If you believe your personal data processing was mishandled, notify us promptly. You also have the option to file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Your privacy matters, and we are committed to addressing your concerns promptly and transparently.

Data Sharing with Affiliates and Third Parties

At Human Entrance AB, safeguarding your Personal Data is our priority, and we commit to neither sell, trade, nor lease it to third parties. However, in specific situations necessary for the execution of services, fulfilling your requests, or providing information/webinar attendance, your personal data may be shared with trusted partners and subcontractors.

Categories of recipients include:

  • Authorities: Such as the Swedish Migration Agency, Swedish Tax Agency, Swedish Social Security Office (Försäkringskassan), or local police.
  • Service Providers: Financial advisors, insurance companies, housing brokers, landlords, pre-schools and schools, utility companies, language training entities, IT service providers, and subcontractors including our affiliates.
  • Employer and Affiliates: Transfer may occur to your employer and local affiliates.

We uphold the confidentiality of your data and refrain from external disclosure unless:

  1. Mutual Agreement: Agreed upon between you and us, and the disclosure is in your interest.
  2. Exercise of Rights: Necessitated to exercise your rights.
  3. Statutory Obligation: Essential for statutory compliance, decisions from public authorities, or courts.
  4. Service Providers/ Subcontractors: Engaged to perform services, either as data processors or independent controllers, bound by confidentiality and data protection measures.

For international service performance, your data may be transferred outside the EU/EEA, ensuring compliance with legal standards.

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Understanding Our Cookie Practices

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Small text files sent to your web browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

They act as a website’s memory, remembering your computer for return visits.

  • Session cookies: Last until you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies: Exist for a specified period.

Some banners may send a cookie to your hard drive, aiding in tracking success rates.

Web Beacons in Emails:

Used to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns in emails.

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Majority of web browsers accept cookies.

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Refusing or disabling cookies may impact certain website functionalities.

For detailed instructions on managing cookies, visit www.aboutcookies.org.

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