Does “YES” always mean yes in China?

In the Chinese culture nothing is as it first appears.

Communication is an aspect that can be particularly tricky when working with the Chinese. Very much of words’ meaning lies beneath the surface, unattainable for those who do not share the same cultural context.

In this FREE WEBINAR, we will explore the reasons why “YES” does not always mean yes in China and why this is important to understand when working together with the Chinese.

Join us on the 6th October,  14.00-14.45 CET, to learn about the underlying values and attitudes that influence Chinese communication.

Our expert on Chinese culture, Jocelyn H. Andersson, will guide you through unique and fascinating features of the Chinese way of communicating, equipping you with the tools to understand why sometimes “YES” does not mean yes in China.

WHERE: Online – web-based video meeting

WHO: For anyone who works with the Chinese

HOW: Send an email to to register

Please note that the number of seats are limited to allow for an interactive and engaging webinar.

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