How to travel with a pending extension application

The Swedish Migration Agency has recently informed us that the handling times for work permit extensions has been prolonged and it might still increase considerably.

The long waiting times comes as a consequence of the Migration Agencys new obligation to closely check that all applicants have met the work permit requirements for all the previous work permit periods, in the past 7 years, to get an extension approved. The result of this requirement has pushed the handlings times from 1-2 months to just above 4 months to get an extension settled.

Human Entrance will submit all applications from our customers in accordance with our Service Level Agreement as per usual and we recommend that one takes current waiting times in consideration and starts the extension process well in advance.

Traveling with a pending extension application

Traveling outside the Schengen area as a non EU national without a valid UT card is not something that we recommend and we cannot guarantee that you will not face any issues or difficulties re-entering Sweden without a valid UT card in hand. But, since the Holidays are coming up we want to share the information that it is possible to travel outside Schengen as a non EU national without a valid UT card if you have a pending extension application with the Migration Agency. It will however be up to you to prove your residency in Sweden to the border police when re-entering the Schengen area with an expired UT card.

Follow these steps to minimize issues when re-entering the Schengen area via a Swedish airport:

If a trip outside of the Schengen area is really necessary, the option that has been proven successful is to exit and re-enter the Schengen area directly via a Swedish airport. The Swedish Border Police have access to the Migration Agency’s system and thus are able to see that you have a pending application.

  • Carry a certificate from the Tax Agency (Personbevis) that shows which date you registered in Sweden, which would act as a proof that you are currently living in the country. It can be downloaded from here by using Bank ID. You can also ask them to sed it per fax by calling:  0771-56 75 67.
  • Bring your employment contract to prove that you are currently working in Sweden.
  • Print out a copy of the receipt from the Migration Agency to prove an application is pending and to have the control number available.
  • Before flying back to Sweden/Schengen area, check with the airline that they are willing to let you board the flight. Many airlines will not accept the above documents as proof of your residency in Sweden and will require you to purchase a return ticket out of Sweden / Schengen within the validity of your visitor status in the Schengen area. (ONLY FOR VISA FREE NATIONALS)
  • Another option is to contact the Swedish Embassy at your destination and ask them regarding the possibilities to issue you an entry visa back into Sweden. We can confirm that the Embassy in New Delhi will be able to issue a D-visa for persons having a pending application with the Migration Agency.

For contact details to the Sweden Embassies click here

Current waiting times from the date of submission to the Swedish Migration Agency:

First time application: 4-6 weeks.

Extension of valid permit: 4 months.

New application for applicant with work permit history – past 7 years: 4months.

You can also see the most recent waiting times here

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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