Stronger protection for labor migrants

The minister for justice and migration Morgan Johansson received the report “Strengthened position of labor migrants in the labor market” (SOU 2016: 91) last week. The investigator Ingrid Utne suggests, amongst other things, criminal liability for employers.

The proposal means that employers who intentionally have not lived up to the requirements in terms of salary and other terms of employment may be sentenced to imprisonment for maximum one year or a fine. The investigator also suggests a possibility of omitting revocation of licenses when an employer on his own initiative has corrected deficiencies in the terms of employment.

The report also contains proposals on direct access for the Migration Board to certain information from, among others the Tax Agency, an opportunity for the Government to issue further regulations on the controls and a mission to the Migration Board to develop a system for the effective examination of cases concerning work permit.

– It is good that we now have concrete proposals aimed at improving the protection of labor migrants. Sweden needs a system that can meet the requirements of recruiting expertise abroad, while workers are protected against exploitation, says the minister for justice and migration Morgan Johansson

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Source: Government Offices of Sweden
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