2017 – The year of the rooster

The year of the rooster is here – a year for all hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented people. So what will happen at Human Entrance during this year?

Before we take a look at the new year, lets summarize the year that passed.

2016 was eventful for us, it was a record year in number of clients that we were fortunate to assist reaching all set targets for performance and quality.  We launched new service programs and invested in client experiences for the future. We relocated our offices in Stockholm and Shanghai to increase access.

We got closer to our clients…

We strengthened our position in Shanghai, hiring Cindy Gong to head our operation in the APAC region. Cindy, an experienced Mobility and Immigration expert will focus on continuing to deepen our client and partner relationships.

…and raised our quality ambitions even further.

2016 has been a year of commitment and collaboration. Starting January 1st 2017 our online home search service, Homerental, became a separate entity within the Human Entrance Group providing an efficient solution, contributing to the success of our clients.

Through our client experience program, Flow, we implemented a number of improvements to further develop our customer service delivery. Our ISO 9001 was renewed without remarks in accordance to plan.

The year of 2017

 The year of the rooster holds further development in all our regions with an edge toward the Americas. We will focus on establishing closer relationships with our clients and continue our client experience and quality focus. We will enhance our Move Management services by increasing the removal service experience and leverage removal- and insurance costs for our clients. We are responding to the digital landscape by developing our digital services, our online tracking system, providing capabilities within compensation projections, increasing security and performance.

We look forward to continue our journey together with you.

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