Working with India – free breakfast seminar November 30

Communicating successfully with India

Doing business with India creates exciting opportunities for international expansion and recruitment. However, as India is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, the culture may be difficult to understand. International players may experience cultural conflicts and communication difficulties. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize India’s vast mixture of people – the many variations, as well as its commonalities, in order to work well together.

Strong communication skills are crucial for any successful cross-border collaborations. Due to the diverse nature of India’s culture, efficient communication becomes even more essential. A thorough understanding of cultural diversities leads to effective communication, which in turn generates profitable teams and less conflicts.

You are invited to join our breakfast seminar to learn more about how to communicate successfully with Indians. You will be guided thorough the complexity of Indian culture and how the various aspects of diversity affect business and communication.

DATE: 30 November.

TIME: Breakfast will be served from 8 am. The seminar is held between 08.15-09.00.

WHERE: Human Entrance, Lilla Bommen 6, Göteborg

WHO: For anyone who works with India

HOW: Register by sending an email to, no later than November 27.


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