Welcome Denise Mast, Client Service Director, Americas

Further establishing operations in Americas

We welcome Denise Mast, Certified Relocation Professional, to the Human Entrance team, operating as our Client Service Director in the Americas. We appreciate Denise’s experience and devotion, and look forward to evolving our operations in the Americas from our new Chicago, Illinois, USA office.

 “I look forward to bring Human Entrance’s high-quality services closer to our Americas clients. I am excited to build on current client relationships and to grow with new opportunities,” Denise says.

Denise Mast has been in the global mobility industry for 30 years, with an extensive experience from a variety of relocation management positions in the USA. Starting in the early years of the relocation business, she has grown with the trends of broadening scopes of client needs, customer benefits, technology and Client Service Management.

Denise can be reached at denise.mast@humanentrance.com, or work mobile +1 (630) 506-9754.

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