Working in the USA – free webinar June 7

Learn about the American business culture

Are you working closely with American colleagues? Wondering how the American management style differs from other countries? Or are you an American, curious about how others perceive the American way of working?

Understanding the hidden characteristics of American business culture is vital for prosperous collaboration and expatriate success. For Americans working with other cultures, understanding different attitudes to time and relationships can lead to a more cohesive work environment.

Our free webinar gives you an introduction to American work culture from an outsider’s perspective. We will explore US cultural values and look at ways to work successfully across borders.

Find out:

  • What motivates American employees, and how this differs around the world.
  • How the US compares to other countries in terms of cultural values, such as hierarchy & individualism.
  • Common challenges for foreigners working in the US.
  • Strategies for communicating successfully across cultures.

The seminar is suitable for Americans wanting to learn more about their own culture, and also for non-Americans eager to understand the American business culture.

Join our complimentary 60-minute webinar on Thursday June 7 to learn more!

The session is at 03:30 pm CET (European Central Time) – Equivalent to 9:30 am EDT (USA, Eastern Daylight Time).

Register by sending an email to no later than June 4.

Note that availability is limited.


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