Keeping up with Travel Restrictions in 2021


During the current circumstances, it is especially important to stay informed on travel restrictions and rules when making travel plans. To assist in this effort, here are our recommendations for which authorities to keep an eye on.

The Border Police is the branch of the Swedish Police Authority responsible for monitoring the Swedish border. They post travel rules and recommendations on their website.

The Swedish Migration Agency also provides general travel information, so their website is also useful to check for updates and changes.

Links to the Swedish Police Authority and the Migration Agency can be found below.

Swedish embassies around the world may provide country specific travel information and checking the relevant embassy’s homepage could be very helpful.

We know that some airlines have their own travel rules, which need to be considered and we strongly recommend confirming these with the relevant airline, to ensure travelling is going to be possible and what, if any, requirements need to be met in order to do so.

We anticipate travelling to become gradually less restricted during 2021 and foresee an increase in business travel as a result. As such, it is crucial to regularly monitor immigration regulation for third-country nationals travelling to Sweden for business. Establishing whether a visa is needed to enter Sweden is the first step. Next, it is important to determine what type of work activities will be performed in Sweden and how much travelling is required, as well as the length of stay per business trip.
It is very important to comply with Swedish Immigration law regarding work permit exemptions.

For general questions on this topic or for assistance with an assessment to reduce the risk of non-compliance for a business traveler, you are most welcome to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Swedish Policy Authority:
The Swedish Migration Agency:


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