Moving Into A New Accommodation

When relocating to a new country, it is naturally important to find a suitable home and we assist many of our clients with this service. Prior to moving into the new house or apartment, we also offer and provide a moving in service, which we believe is equally important.

For this step, we coordinate and conduct a key handover and an inspection of the new accommodation, with the tenant and landlord both present. Using a digital tool to create a report and upload pictures in real-time, we are able to provide all parties with a clear record of the condition of the accommodation at the start of the lease. The report is signed by all parties present and uploaded into our digital service platform.

During the inspection we also review any building rules that may apply to tenants, as well as provide information on where to recycle garbage and where to park your bike for example , ensuring the relocating employee and new tenant feels comfortable moving in and knows what is expected of them during their tenancy.

The inspection protocol is a great support at the time of moving out, as we are able to minimize issues related to damages to accommodation features/appliances and deposits, thanks to the report and pictures taken at the start of the lease. Without the signed report, disagreements between the landlord and tenant can easily occur and lead to part or entire deposits not being returned to the tenant at the end of the lease.

This is why we always recommend this service to be included in relocation packages or that the employee at least is provided information which allows them to take action on this themselves.

We welcome you to reach out to us with questions regarding this service or for assistance with including this in relocation packages for next year.

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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