Important Migration Agency Updates

Prolonged Processing Times for Permit Applications

Processing times are currently extended, even for fast-track certified companies. This is due to a recent increase in permit applications and to an increased scrutiny of permanent residence permit applications, following the added requirements implemented in July 2021.
Increased workload and a higher-than-normal level of sick-leave due to the pandemic, are cited as reasons for the delays. Currently it is unclear how much of a delay we can expect to see for permit applications. To minimize administration for the Migration Agency case officers, they have asked certified companies to avoid sending case related queries, unless it is urgent. This will hopefully allow them
to catch up on their workload and revert to previously stated turnaround times.

Submitting Complete Documentation

It is now more crucial than ever that client initiations include all necessary documentation. It is also important to submit them in a timely manner, giving us time to prepare and file complete applications. This will not only ensure quicker case handling for the Migration Agency, but also ensure compliance with our certification agreement with them. Failing to comply could mean losing the fast-track certification. Ensuring compliance is of the utmost importance to us and we are committed to providing a clear and easy process for our clients. We welcome you to contact us for any support you may need in connection with potential applications and candidates.

Fast-track Certification for Companies

The Swedish Migration Agency has decided to temporarily pause their handling of applications for fast-track certification, between February 1st and March 31st, 2022. This refers to applications for companies to be approved for fast-track permit application processing.
New certification applications submitted after February 1st, will be processed after March 31st.
Prior to February 1st, submissions will be processed within the normal processing time of 10-15 working days. Should the Migration Agency require additional information to approve a particular certification application, it will be placed on hold until after March 31st. We therefore recommend corporations and clients to ensure all necessary documentation is provided to ensure a smooth certification process. We will naturally support our clients in collecting the information required prior to submission.

Thank you!

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