From India to Sweden- Meet our Colleague Kunjal

Citizens of India make up a large part of the international work force in Sweden. In 2022, the Swedish Migration Agency issued 5,029 work permits to Indian citizens.

We sat down with our colleague Kunjal Mehta, Immigration Consultant, to talk about her life as an Indian in Sweden.

When did you come to Sweden and what brought you here?
I came in Sweden as a tourist in 2013 and 2015, but permanently we moved here in 2016 April. I came here with my husband as he is in IT.

What is your favorite part about living in Sweden?
People are very kind, pure air, fair rules and regulations, great education system and medical facilities, (few people might not agree with me) but I’ve always had a good experience.

What is your biggest challenge being in Sweden?
Honestly, none. But if I need to mention something then sometimes I feel it is very dark during winters.

Where is the best place to shop for Indian spices in Stockholm?
There are many shops so we can buy Indian spices all over the city. To name a few: N-Grossen, Myway Racksta, Mtk2home, and many more!

How do you celebrate Indian Festivals in Sweden?
We always celebrate Indian festivals during the weekends. We meet friends from different parts of the city, eat traditional Indian food and talk about the tradition so can kids understand their heritage.

Where is the most authentic/best Indian food in Stockholm?
If you’re looking for real authentic food, you need to buy it from a home chef. There are many cooks who have hobby businesses making Indian food and selling it. There are also a few small and big restaurants from where we can get traditional food.

What is one piece of advice or something you would like to say to other Indians who are moving or thinking to move to Sweden?
Prepare for dark days during winter and cold weather. Follow all Indian groups in Facebook to get information and to connect with other Indians. If your dependent spouse wants to work here in Sweden after arriving, it is easier for them to have some basic knowledge of the language which they can start to learn online before arriving.

Thank you, Kunjal, for your insights. We are happy to have you on our team!

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