Monthly Insider: December Issue 2023

Welcome to the December edition of our Monthly Insider Newsletter. As the year gracefully draws to a close, we’re thrilled to wrap up 2023 with some much awaited insights from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Updates From the Swedish Migration Agency on “The New Model”
→  The new model for work permit model will be introduced on January 29th

→  The fast-track will end on December 15th

→  The 14th of December is the last day for a certified employer to apply for a work permit within the fast-track system.

The completion of the certification process is necessary for the Swedish Migration Agency to be able to focus our service resources on employers who recruit highly qualified workers, in accordance with assignments from the government.

Between December 15th and January 29th, the Migration Agency will focus on completing the new way of working and working on applications received from certified operators. Applications filed during this gap period will be handled according to the new model from January 29th. This means that an application qualifying for category A, meaning fast track, submitted in the gap period will be settled within 30 days from January 29th. Remember that only complete applications will be considered for fast track handling, others are referred to lead times up to four months.

Fast track will end December 15th, but the last day to apply is the 14th. We can still represent you with Power of Attorney. 

Changes to the EU Blue Card Directive

Implementation of the new EU Blue card directive has been put on hold!
As you may know, the new directive and many welcomed changes in current regulation were meant to have been implemented as of November 18th, 2023. According to the Government Offices, the implementation has now been put on hold. No new date is set at this time but the ambition is that implementation will take place in 2024.

We had planned to have another Webinar in our series of Immigration Talks regarding the New Blue Card directive. We will postpone until we have more information.

Another Year of ISO Audits Complete

Mid November, our team finished 4 days worth of long, but rewarding meetings as we were audited for our ISO – International Organization for Standardization 9001 and 14001 certifications.

We can say with pride that we aced it! Read some of the feedback our editors left us below:

→ Our staff are highly dedicated and engaged with an undeniable passion for the Relocation Business.
→ Our devotion to quality is obvious as it is built into our entire process.
→ They enjoyed seeing both our internal & external communication.
→ Our environmental objectives and targets are smart, well thought out, and appropriate to the industry in which we operate.
→ They were especially impressed by our Carbon Footprint report, which was highly organized and logical.
→ They have seen a clear development since we were first certified in 2017 (14001) in our Sustainability and Environmental work. They are excited to see how we will develop with our Environmental targets and that even through we are a small company, we can make an impact and influence clients and their employees to go for the greener option.

Plan Ahead, Save Big! 

If you missed our last newsletter, here is a reminder that to plan for success in 2024, we have offered special discounts on our services. Embrace the power of foresight and savings – it’s time to plan big and dream even bigger! 

The discounts include 20% off our new Corporate Training Service, 20% off all Advisory Services, and 10% off all Destination and Immigration Services ordered before the end of the year. **Services do not need to be rendered prior to December 31st, 2023. Discounts not available on already discounted packages.**

Holidays Approaching 
As expected, many of our staff will take extra time off during the holidays. However, we will always have someone available! Your designated Client Services Manager will let you know who will be filling in during the holidays. From our team to yours, Happy Holidays! 

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