Immigration Insights – April Edition 2024

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A message from our owner

Earlier this year, we announced a significant milestone in our journey for Global Mobility Services. As part of the Move Invest group, Movenet and Human Entrance have been trusted partners in Global Mobility for over 25 years. We’re thrilled to share how this strategic shift is shaping the future of our services.

Our owner recently shared an important announcement highlighting our commitment to innovation and excellence in serving you, our valued clients.

Read the full letter from our owner here.

Experience Hands-On Learning with Our Business Immigration Training Programs

We are delighted to witness a growing demand for our Business Immigration Corporate Training Programs in recent times. It is with great pleasure that we bring to your attention the opportunity to bolster your team and equip them with essential skills for successful and compliant global talent acquisition through our comprehensive training programs.

Allow us to introduce you to our corporate training setup:

Basic Training – Essential Knowledge for Recruitment

  • Ideal for recruiters and HR professionals hiring from outside the EU.
  • Master work permit regulations and ensure legal compliance.
  • Streamline application processes for non-EU talent.

Advanced Training – Strategic Business Immigration Expertise

  • Perfect for HR and Mobility professionals working with business immigration daily.
  • Dive deep into work permit regulations and enhance strategic decision-making.
  • Support your organization’s immigration needs with confidence.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn from seasoned Senior Immigration Specialists.
  • Tailor the training to match your organization’s needs.
  • Gain practical insights and stay updated on evolving regulations.

Join us on the journey to knowledge and empower your team for seamless global talent acquisition!

For more information or to register, contact us at or visit

Easter Holiday

As Easter approaches, we’re gearing up for the festivities and want to ensure you’re in the loop with our opening hours during this holiday season:

Good Friday (March 29th): Closed

Easter Eve (March 30th): Closed

Easter Sunday (March 31st): Closed

Easter Monday (April 1st): Closed

We look forward to resuming our regular operations after the holidays.

From our team to yours, Happy Easter!

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