We are pleased to announce that we recently won a Social Insurance eligibility appeal on behalf of one of our clients.The benefits applied for, were rejected by the Social Security Agency, claiming that this particular type of residence permit indicated that the applicant does not in fact live in Sweden, but is merely visiting.

It is not possible to update your status from dependent to main applicant in the middle of a permit period, which creates discrepancies between the Migration Agency and the Social Security Agency, when applications are submitted from dependents who have gained employment. A consequence of this could be that applications are denied, when they in fact are eligible for certain benefits.

Hopefully our recent win will be an eye opener and an example going forward, to ensure applications are carefully reviewed to determine eligibility, based on employment,even for people who were originally registered as a dependent.

Our Comments & Recommendations

  • We are pleased to see the Social Security Agency show flexibility in their interpretation of the resident status and the ackowledgement that individuals are allowed to work on certain permits not necessarily called work permits.
  • It is crucial to inform international candidates of relevant work-related benefits, to ensure the appropriate paper work is filed and applicable benefits administered.
  • There is a potential risk of employees and candidates looking to relocate elsewhere, if regulation impacting their personal circumstances and long-term stay in Sweden is unclear.

This win is an important recognition of a person’s right to benefits while working in Sweden and we are happy to have been a part of this process.We encourage you to contact us, if you have any questions or would like assistance with a potential appeal.

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team