Meet Git Peterson-Nordh, New Regional Manager Gothenburg

To meet demands in the expansive Gothenburg region, we are happy to welcome Git Peterson-Nordh to Human Entrance

Sweden-native Git will be heading the Gothenburg office as the new Regional Manager for Destination Services. Git has extensive international experience, from both a personal and a professional level. Her years abroad in the USA, Spain, Greece, and Gambia, leaves Git with a thorough understanding of the experience of living in a new country, from a cultural perspective as well as a practical standpoint. Git has a solid career in the travel industry, most recently as the Regional Manager for TicketBiz.

 “I am a dedicated, service minded person, and I look forward to continue to deliver Human Entrance high quality services. I find it exciting to support many of the companies that are expanding on the Swedish west coast. Although it might initially seem as it is mostly the local car industry that is booming, these expansions trickle down to suppliers and other industries as well, and in turn generates several job opportunities.

A lot of businesses are looking to import employees to get the required competence, but they experience a high barrier for proceeding, due to the complexity of global mobility. What does it take to get all paper work in place? To find a home in the new country? To fit in and succeed in the new culture?  There is also a high cost involved if a relocation goes wrong and an employee cannot start the job assignment on time, or not at all. For these reasons, I am particularly happy to assist companies in the region with relocation services, so that they can focus on the core business, while we handle the relocation and get the right person for the job in place on time.”

Welcome to drop by the Gothenburg office at Lilla Bommen 6 to meet Git, or contact her directly on +46 (0)10 708 07 10 or

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