Increased demands of intercultural training

We are welcoming Caitlyn Taylor to Human Entrance, intercultural communication specialist


We are seeing an increased demand in intercultural competence trainings, as employees are relocating to new countries and/or leading international teams. People are experiencing that a thorough cultural understanding plays an integral role in the success of the relocation assignment. More and more transferees are requesting this type of training from their employers.

To serve your needs, we are proud to welcome Australia native Caitlyn Taylor as a Senior Consultant. Caitlyn will coordinate and continue to develop intercultural communication trainings. We are also expanding our current network of 35 active trainers throughout all continents, with new cultural experts in Florida, Chicago and Shanghai. Caitlyn has extensive experience in language and education training in Asia, South America, and Europe, and we highly value her international experience.

 “Having lived and worked internationally for many years, I’ve seen firsthand how intercultural competence is essential for a successful relocation. For any cross-culture partnership to succeed long term, it is important that the people involved are aware of how their different backgrounds affect daily decisions. When I moved to Sweden six years ago, Australia and Sweden first appeared fairly similar to me. The longer I live here though, the more obvious the differences become and I am continually adjusting my expectations.

Adjusting to a new culture is a journey that should not be underestimated. I look forward to helping Human Entrance’s clients find a proper training in order to bridge the gap between different cultures, and increase the understanding and efficiency at the workplace.”

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