[Free Webinar] Understanding the Immigration Process

Learn how to ensure compliance to avoid rejections and delays in your immigration process


The workforce is becoming more mobile and the demand for foreign employees is growing in Sweden. This means compliance policies for work permits are becoming stricter, thus putting employers at risk of rejection and affecting your business. When employees cross borders as short-term business travelers, it is crucial that the right working permits have been applied for based on their activities.

In this interactive webinar, our experts not only go into an in-depth discussion about the risks of recruiting abroad, they analyse how a transferee’s history with immigration may impact you as an employer. They also examine an overview of the current processes, and delve into the topic of recruiting individuals already holding a work permit in Sweden. Most importantly, they will talk about a new practice unveiled by the Swedish Migration Agency regarding the assessments surrounding Permanent Residence applications.


You’re invited to join our complimentary webinar whether you’re familiar with corporate immigration, or new to the processes. Happening on September 4, 2019 at 3 – 4 pm CEST / 9 – 10am ET, availability is limited. Register here with your name, contact details and company by August 30, 2019.


The webinar will be held by Peter Lindström from the Immigration Services team. Peter has worked in Immigrations in many capacities and organizations. Having started out as a Case Officer for the Swedish Migration Agency, he moved on as a Political Advisor in the Swedish Parliament before joining Human Entrance as a Client Services Manager.

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