[Free Webinar] Diversity as a Resource

In this age of globalization, companies consist of increasingly diverse work forces, often involving international employees moving to new cultures to be part of the local team.


The foreign employee is often expected to be proactive in adapting to their new environment, but how can the employer play their part in creating a common culture among international co-workers and teams? How can organizations best utilize cultural diversity as a resource for successful teamwork, and prevent it being an obstacle for the achievement of a common goal?

This webinar will focus on exactly that. We will talk about how employers can incorporate, integrate and benefit from employees with intercultural backgrounds and discuss how organisations can best welcome and develop multicultural co-workers. With an in-depth look into communication skills, awareness of cultural norms, and the unwritten rules of the workplace, we will explore how employers can welcome and integrate international talents in the best possible way.

Join our webinar to get ideas and strategies on how you can unlock the full potential of your international co-workers to optimize their success, productivity, and efficiency.


Date: Thursday, 14 November 2019

Time: 10am – 11am CET


Click here to register your interest (form closes on 12 November 2019, 11am)

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