Brexit: UK Nationals in Sweden

At the end of January 2020, the withdrawal agreement negotiated by the European Council and the British government was approved, meaning that the UK is leaving the EU. As per the current status from the Swedish Migration Agency British citizens do not need to apply for a work and residence permit due to Brexit.


In accordance with previous information there will be a transition year where UK nationals in Sweden can apply for a sticker in their passport that acts as proof that they are exempt of having a work and residence permit.

During this period, the UK will remain in the EU cooperation in a practical sense. This means that British citizens and their close relatives who are third-country nationals largely keep the rights they previously had. They will thereby be able to stay, work and study in Sweden without requiring a residence and work permit.

The information today is that when the transition period is over UK nationals should apply for work and residence permit, however this might change.

Human Entrance will continuously follow updates regarding Brexit with the relevant authorities and will communicate the same to our clients and partners when announced. If you have more questions regarding this, you can refer to the Swedish Migration Agency’s page for the FAQ or if you need individual consultations, please contact your Human Entrance Immigration Specialist directly, or call the team at +46 (0)10 70 75 105.

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