Immigration procedures in Sweden during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

As an employer that works with a diverse, multicultural group of employees, Human Entrance has also introduced a business continuity plan internally to ensure the well-being of our employees in the forefront.


To ensure the well-being of all employees after the recent development of the Coronavirus, Human Entrance, like many organizations have introduced a business continuity plan for those who have recently visited the affected countries and territories. We have come up with some quick tips for employers whose concerns are about Swedish immigration policies for employees holding work permits and business visas.


Below are a couple of tips for employers and HR:

  • Working from home in Sweden will not cause any negative implications with Immigration. It is important to note that according to the current immigration legislation by the Swedish Migration Agency, individuals need to commence employment in Sweden within four(4) months from the start date on their work permit. If organizations have employees who have been recently granted a work permit, but is not allowed to travel to Sweden at this time due to the coronavirus outbreak, we recommend that the employer ensures that this temporary travel ban does not exceed the four month employment commencement policy.
  • If employers have a business continuity process temporarily banning employees holding e.g. a business visa in Sweden from travelling back to their home country (which happens to also be one of the coronavirus affected countries), it is crucial that they apply for an extension of the visa at the Swedish Migration Agency as soon as possible.


Please reach out to your Immigration Services Consultant or your Client Services Manager at Human Entrance if you have any questions regarding this, or are in need of any advice.

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