Our Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve, we closely monitor the development and act in line with the recommendations from the authorities. Human Entrance is committed to service our clients and see to it that assignments can commence as planned. We will however at this time need to take necessary precautions and we will also seek dialogue with our clients when deemed necessary in order to plan assignments in the best possible way.  The well-being of our client employees, any accompanying family members, our employees and the community as whole is our first priority.


We have implemented several measures to ensure the health and safety of our community, including suspending international travel, limiting non-essential domestic travel, and supporting remote work for our employees.

Considering necessary precautions, we will ask our client employees and their accompanying family members to re-schedule face-to-face meetings that are planned with our consultants if they show symptoms or feel unwell. We will apply online / virtual meetings including Skype viewings of housing as alternative solutions when deemed necessary.


We understand that this is a challenging time. Please rest assured that the Human Entrance team is working efficiently and with utmost flexibility to ensure that we support your business in the best possible way, considering the health and safety of all.


Thank you for your cooperation.

All the best,

Fredrik Bendroth
Group CEO


Eva Nordberg-Visonj Kaushik Thakrar
Director, People and Quality Director, Client Services
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