Changes To Permanent Residence Permit Requirements

The Swedish Government has implemented changes to the Aliens Act, which will come into effect Tuesday July 20th. In addition to the requirement changes for getting a permanent residence permit, changes have also been made regarding the maintenance requirement, when family members apply for residence permits. Employees, as well as self-employed peole, are affected, as are their family members. .
There will be no transitional period or rules, which means that pending applications will be covered  by the new rules if no decision is made before July 20th.

Requirements for Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit: 

  • Work permit held for four out of the last seven years
  • Be financially independent
  • Lead a law abinding life in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency has yet to confirm the permanent residence requirements for employment and income and we expect additional information to be released very soon.

Perma­nent Resi­dency for Self-Employed People
Self-employed people can be granted permanent residency after two years.The application for permanent residency should be filed along with the residence permit extension application. Self-employed people need to be able show financial independence and are expected to lead a law-abiding life in Sweden.

If requirements are not met, it may still be possible to get residence permit extension for two years and then apply for a permanent residence permit, in connection with the next residence permit extension.

Stricter Requirements for Employees and Families
Anyone with a permanent residence permit must be able to financially support themselves and their family,  members, as well as clearly demostrate the ability to provide adequate housing, under the maintenance requirement. An application for permanent residency will be reviewed only once these requirements have been met.

Requirements on Family Members for Permanent Residence Permits 
Family members are not granted permanent residency by default and cannot be granted a permanent residence permit before the main applicant. Applications can still be filed at the same time as the main applicant’s application.

To be eligible for permanent residence permits, family members must have held residence permits in Sweden for at least three years, be financially independent (if they are 18 years or older) and live a law-abiding life (if 15 years or older).

If these requirements are not met, they can still extend their residence permits.and apply for a permanent residence permit, when it is time to file the next residence extension application.

We will continue to monitor this closely for updates and expect to be able to provide additional information on how this may affect our clients and their employees, in connection with the new rules being implemented on July 20th. Please find a link below to the announcement on the Migration Agency’s website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for support in the meantime.

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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