Additional Information On Permanent Residence Requirements

As we informed you recently, the Swedish Government implemented changes to the Aliens Act on July 20th, regarding requirements for permanent residency, maintenance requirements and requirements for family members applying for residence permits.The Swedish Migration Agency recently published several legal papers, in which they specified and clarified details of the new law ans well as their position on it.
Below are a few points that were addressed.

Clarified Permanent Residence Requirements For Employment, Income and Conduct
• Minimum of 18 months employment
• Sufficient level of income
• Maintain a law-abiding life in Sweden

Duration of Employment
In order to meet the duration requirement, you must have held a work permit in Sweden for four years during the last seven years. During this period, you must have met the requirements in terms of employment, salary level, insurances and more.Going forward, you must also be able to prove your future employment, for a minimum of 18months, by the time a decision is made by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Probationary employment may also be approved on a case-by-case basis. The reason probationary employments are assessed on a case-by-case basis is that employment may be terminated with short notice, even if most probationary employments eventually result in permanent employment.

Adequate Level of Income
Work permit holders need to have sufficient level of income from employment, parental benefits or illness benefits. These benefits are taken into account as long as your parental leave or sick leave does not exceed 18 months. The income must meet the maintenance requirement to cover housing costs and the so-called “normal amount” for a single adult. Housing cost requirements vary depending on the type of accommodation. Regarding the “normal amount”, it is a flat-rate calculation of ordinary living expenses.
The Swedish Enforcement Authority calculates a new “normal amount” each year.

Law-abiding Life
In order to be granted a permanent residence permit, you must live a law-abiding life in Sweden.
The Migration Agency will assess the likelihood of this by reviewing criminal records from Sweden as well as countries outside of Sweden.

Below is a link to our previous article on the requirement changes in connection with the rules being implemented July 20th.

Sweden Entry Ban Extended
In addition to the clarifications on the permanent residence permits, The Swedish Government has extended the entry ban to Sweden until October 31st, for people arriving from Non EU/EEA and EU/EEA countries. The entry requirement of a vaccine certificate, or a negative Covid-19 test – not older than 48 hours – or a certificate confirming recovery from Covid-19 also stays, for EU/EEA travellers. Non EU/EEA citizens can only enter Sweden, if they are considered exempt from the entry ban and have a negative COVID-19 test result. Travelers from Nordic countries are exempt from all requirements.

The Government has also decided to remove certain countries from the list of exempt countries due to an increase in the spread of Covid-19. USA, Israel and Kosovo, among others, are removed from the list.

Additional exemptions to this requirement and further information can be found through below links

Ban on entry to Sweden extended –

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