June 3rd At 11.00 CEST – Social Insurance Webinar – Join Us!

Understanding how to access healthcare and the social insurance system in a new country is crucial for anyone relocating. It has naturally become even more important in the last year, as we have had to deal with a pandemic. We believe it is vital for employers to be able to advise and support their relocating employees in these matters.

We would therefore like to invite you to a webinar to review and discuss below topics related to healthcare and social insurance;

  • What does it mean to be part of the Swedish social insurance system?
  • Access to healthcare for individuals with and without a Swedish personal number
  • Benefit eligibility and differences between employment and residence based benefit eligibility
  • Social security contributions. Sweden’s set up differs from many other countries’
  • Advise on how best to share information on these topics with relocating employees
  • Information on extension requirements, should the employee have received social insurance benefits during their permit period

Two of our most experienced Client Service Managers, Peter Lindström & Linnéa Ekhlasi will participate and share insights and tips and we look forward to you joining us for this event on June 3rd.
The webinar will be held in English.

Register here or email info@humanentrance.com to confirm your participation.

We wish you a Happy Ascension Day ahead!

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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