Swedish Employees Returning Home


Corporations are increasingly relocating employees as a way of offering talent and career development opportunities. The focus is usually on foreign labour, but it is equally important to consider the process for Swedes returning home to live and work.

Re-activate Your Personal Number
Swedish citizens need to re-active their personal numbers when moving back to Sweden.This is done by filling out and submitting a registration form, as well as certain documentation, at a local Tax Agency service office. Documentation requirements can be found the Swedish Tax Agency website. Processing times can be long and we recommend completing this step as soon as possible upon the return to Sweden.

Register With the Social Insurance Agency 
The Social Insurance Agency administers benefits such as parental leave, sick leave, child benefits allowance for dental care and more. It is crucial to note that Swedish citizens are not automatically included in the Social Insurance, but are required to file an application either online or by submitting it at the nearest Tax Agency office.

Immigration Requirements for Family Members
If you are moving back with family members who are not Swedish citizens, it is important to check current immigration regulation in preparation of the move, to ensure compliance.Currently the processing time for non-EU citizens applying as dependents to a Swedish citizen, can be longer than 12 months, which may affect potential travel plans.

Transition Support
There could be many reasons for the move back to Sweden and even though it is their home country, we recommend that employers have a transition plan in place to guide the returning employee.
Our suggestion would be that this plan includes steps and information that will help the returning employee find their feet in their new work environment and role, but also to acclimate to Swedish life outside of work.

As always, please contact us for more information and advise.

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