Walpurgis & Labour Day Greeting!

Walpurgis (April 30th) is the day Swedes celebrate the arrival of Spring with bonfires and choral singing organized by local authorities.It is also a day of celebration for graduating university students.
Labour day (May 1st), is a public holiday and traditionally a day for recognizing the achievements of the labour movement. Demonstrations and parades used to be common around the country and we still see them today, but on a smaller scale.

Due to the pandemic, events usually associated with these two days, have been restricted or even cancelled, so do check with your local authorities and news, before heading out to join any festivities in your area.

The warmer, brighter Spring weather naturally encourages and motivates us to spend more time outdoors, which is also safer from a pandemic perspective. With this in mind, we wanted to share some outdoor excercise alternatives with you. Many more can be found online, so do take a look at what is available near you.

Running clubs across Sweden



Outdoor work-out classes
https://www.ruddalenoutdoor.se/ Gothenburg
https://www.rootcamp.se/ Gothenburg
https://trueworkout.se/classes/utomhustraning/ (Stockholm)
https://swiftr.se/outdoor (Stockholm & Malmö)
Outdoor gyms in Malmö:

We wish you a great Walpurgis and May Day weekend!

Your Human Entrance Team

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