Establishing A Corporation in Sweden


In connection with new companies establishing themselves in Sweden, it is important to consider whether work permits will be needed for any of its employees.We recommend allowing plenty of time for this step,
in order to establish if any of the permits could be considered ICT permits (Intra-Corporate Transfers).

To ensure seamless and efficient permit processing, we regularly apply for so-called certifications on behalf of our clients with the Swedish Migration Agency. One of the application requirements, is to present a stable corporate financial foundation, which will form the basis for salary payments and benefits for prospective employees.

As we often receive questions regarding this process, we thought we would take the opportunity to share some information we hope will be useful.

The Swedish Migration Agency is unfortunately not specific on what the requirements are and they do not  communicate them in a uniform way for all cases, which causes confusion and delays in the process.

Individual assessments are done, covering the overall financial capacity of, for example, an entire group’s finances. We have, however, had cases where even well-known global corporations have been scrutinized, but in practice, no overall assessment was completed.

We see that financial terms used are unclear and narrow interpretations by the Migraton Agency frequently lead to misunderstandings and questioning of the information provided, causing further delays in the process.

This means that even with a solid financial background, significant assets and business plans in Sweden, corporations will still be closely examined by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Please do not hesistate to contact us for assistance with this types of queries.

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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