Introducing Our New Housing Team

With tightened restrictions rolling out on an already strenuous Swedish housing market, we recently decided to implement an in-house Housing Team. The team is fully operational and dedicated to facilitating a higher quality home-finding service.

We strongly believe having an in-house team will significantly improve and streamline our home search service. The team will have a complete overview of the home search process, as the main point of contact for the relocating employee and landlords, ensuring the right expectations are set from the beginning. We felt it was crucial to extend and strengthen our own network with rental agencies and private landlords to provide more relevant options with the opportunity to negotiate rental terms that better fit our clients’ needs.

The housing team will guide the relocating employee through the process from start to finish. Suitable housing options will be presented as they become available. Viewings can then be coordinated and if an option is selected, we will proceed with drafting or arranging the signing of the lease agreement. With the removal of the external provider, we anticipate a faster and smoother process for both the tenant and landlord.

We are actively expanding the team to meet the demands of the ever-changing rental market in Sweden and are confident that the addition of our Housing team will add great value to our organization and our clients’ unique needs.

We welcome any questions you may have about our new set up or home search service.

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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