More Information On Newly Introduced Immigration Rules

More Information On Newly Introduced Immigration Rules 

The Swedish Migration Agency has released information regarding a new visa available for situations when an employee has an expired work permit with an extension pending and needs to leave the country for a work-related trip.
The “D-visa” allows the permit-holder to re-enter Sweden, however, depending on the intended destination of the business trip, there may be a need for several visas to enter other countries.

Applicable Prerequisites

  • Visa must be applied for and granted before leaving Sweden
  • Applicant must have a pending application for an extension of a previous work permit
  • Visa is only granted for work-related travels

This visa is only available to the main applicant/employee. Family members and dependents are not eligible.

Required Documents

  • Copy of passport
  • Completed form 253011 (accessible online via the Migration Agency – see link below)
  • Certificate from the employer stating the need for the employee’s business trip. The certificate should also state the purpose and duration of said trip.
  • Certificate/invitation from recipient company or organization in the country the person is travelling to.

The cost is 60 EUR and the stated processing time is two to three weeks (for complete applications).

The application is to be handed in at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s service centers.
These applications need to be handled by the applicant and their employer. Human Entrance is currently not assisting with this type of application.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, follow this link:
Entry visa for a business trip – Swedish Migration Agency (

In addition to this news, we  want to advise employers that we are seeing that the Migration Agency does not accept digitally signed employment contracts and instead require them to be hand-signed.
We have received requests for hand-signed contracts even for applications filed prior to June 1st.

As a result, we anticipate further delays to the Migration Agency processing times. We will be reaching out to collect new employment contracts as needed and recommend employers to make adjustments to meet this requirement.  We will keep you updated on developments to this particular change.

Thank you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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