Reducing our CO2 Footprint

Our newest company car is now parked in our Malmö office, which marks the fulfillment of one our long-term sustainability goals. In 2019, we made the commitment to replace all company cars with electric or hybrid vehicles by 2025. By the third quarter of 2022, we are delighted to say that we can check this off our list!

Travel is both essential and inevitable in the relocation process. Many of our services require car travel, therefore we knew it was important to make the switch from classic gasoline cars to minimize our CO2 footprint. We sold our last gasoline car in Malmö and replaced it with the Lynk & Co 01, which we anticipate will cut our driving emissions by 30%.

In 2020, we sold our company cars in both Stockholm and Gothenburg and opted for the on-demand car booking service from Volvo Cars. It is estimated that by being part of the on-demand car booking service, we contribute to a global CO2 emission reduction of 16 000 CO2 tons per year- equal to the total yearly CO2 footprint of 1777 people living in Sweden (Volvo Cars).

We have many more sustainable relocation initiatives coming and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Your Human Entrance Team

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