Pleasant Home Findings

We hope you have enjoyed the summer! While our team has savored the first real vacation period since the pandemic, we have also been busy working on some exciting updates to our Home Search Service.

As usual, during the summer, we see that landlords and many letting agents are prioritizing vacations, therefore, response times can be slower than normal. We are looking forward to the housing market picking up speed again in the autumn.

Over the past year, a shift in lease agreements has occurred moving towards corporate signings only for all professional landlords. Until now, it has been possible to find private signing, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult. This trend has already established itself in the Stockholm region, and we foresee corporate signings coming to Gothenburg and Skåne in the coming months. This means extended stays in temporary accommodations, thus increased costs, and higher stress levels as employees struggle to find a long-term rental and acclimate to their new life in Sweden.

What can you do as a company to make the home-finding transition easier for your employee?
You have a few solutions. Many companies offer corporate signing to assist their employees with their long-term rentals. We have seen several clients move in this direction in recent months.

For those companies that cannot manage corporate signings due to internal policy restrictions, we are happy to now offer you our Tenancy Management Essentials service at a low cost as a smooth and seamless solution for pleasant home findings.

The Benefits of Tenancy Management Essentials:   

  • Untapped Markets: We open up the entire (non-paid) market for the employee so no rental possibilities are missed.
  • Clarity: All confusion on the home search process is removed so your employee can focus on their new role.
  • Practical: With proactive and well-documented processes, we work to prevent any issues in the rental process.
  • Safety: This form of contract is safer than private landlords found on the internet.
  • Simplified Administration: We will handle all invoicing directly preventing the need to add many different landlords into your financial system. Invoices can then be sent directly to the tenant if preferred.
  • Trackability: Monthly reporting on all active accommodations.
  • Get the Right Talent: Relocations can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on recruiting the right talent, globally.

For more details, please contact us at 
We look forward to sharing more information on this exciting new service from Human Entrance!

Your Human Entrance Team

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