Meet Hulda- Your Immigration Expert Speaking at Tomorrow’s Webinar

Meet our colleague Hulda!
Exciting times are upon us with many upcoming changes within the field of business immigration in Sweden!
Hulda will be our immigration expert speaking at tomorrow’s webinar “The New Model: Changes to Business Immigration in Sweden”. So, we thought we’d share a little about her vast experience and expertise in the field.

Hulda holds an educational background in global political studies, European studies and language. After her education, she worked as a case office at The Swedish Migration Agency handling asylum applications for 5 years. She then moved on to handle work permit applications for 2 years. During her time at the Migration Agency, she also handled other types of permits, including dependent permits based on family relationships. Her extensive background makes her an expert at assessing any employee’s background and requirements for their upcoming work permit application.

In August 2022, we welcomed Hulda to our team as a Senior Immigration Consultant. She represents our clients in their work permit applications handled by the Migration Agency to ensure the applications are complete and correct. Hulda also provides advice on the entire immigration process with a focus on business immigration, supporting employers throughout the process from the pre-application phase to when a permit has been granted or rejected.

Hulda says she enjoys working as an immigration consultant because of its analytical and problem-solving nature, and the complexity of permit regulations. She thrives in having an advisory role and acting in a field with so many aspects to it; from different stake-holders such as government, authorities, employers and their employees with their hopes, prospects and possibilities to contribute to society. Hulda has also volunteered in the family reunification and integration activities at The Swedish Red Cross.

We are so happy to have you on the team, Hulda!
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