Introducing Our New Visa and Work Permit Tracking Service

With the new model approaching from the Swedish Migration Agency, now more than ever it will be important to send in complete applications to ensure fast decision times. Work permit extensions (that fall into Category A) are going to have the same timeline as New Permit applications. This means extension permit applications will need to be complete from the start to get the 30-day approval time. Failing to do so will result in the application being bumped to the 4 months wait time. 

Our current clients already have the luxury of using our ISO 27001 certified tracking system Movenet Apro to get timely updates for all immigration and destination services. To meet the demands of the New Model, we have developed a new feature/functionality to the system for Visa and Work Permit Tracking which is available to our clients and their employees. The function acts as an added security measure to assure compliance with work-permit regulations so your foreign talent is never working unlawfully. We have experienced and resolved many situations where clients and their employees have missed deadlines, which resulted in a very stressful situation for all parties involved, and a large financial cost. 

The system works by keeping track of all work and dependent permit expiration dates. Both the employer and the employee will get a notification 6 months before expiry date, and another one 4 months before expiry date. This gives ample time to collect documents, renew passports, etc. to establish a correct and complete application is sent in. Our digital platform acts as a guarantee that deadlines are not missed, irrespective of vacation period, handovers between internal resources, sick leave, etc. 


✔ Never miss an extension deadline
✔ Free yourself from excel sheets, let our system keep track for you
✔ Ensure compliance with work permit regulations
✔ Track family and dependent permits as these permits can have different dates
✔ Relieve internal resources from the responsibility of work permit tracking

While basic access to Movenet Apro is free to use for all our clients, the Visa and Work Permit Tracking is a value adding feature, available as a paid subscription. 

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